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We set out to offer something different, something for those who look towards the future.  What we developed is a cloud first offering.  Designed to move your business forward with the Microsoft cloud as the core of our offering paired with our friendly and experienced support engineers, next-gen cyber security services, and comprehensive consultative services that empower everyone to be creative and work together, securely!

  • Unlock creativity
  • Built for teamwork
  • Intelligent security
  • VoIP Solutions

  • Expert support
  • Predictable cost

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Scott Williams


With a life-long interest and career path in the IT industry, I have developed a deep understanding of the role technology plays in the workplace.  Effective technology is proven to boost worker productivity & efficiency.  Advanced technology in the workplace also has the added benefit of attracting & retaining top talent within your company.  I am excited to help you modernize your IT & unlock the full potential of your workforce with the Microsoft cloud!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an internal IT team?2019-07-13T00:47:54+00:00

There are multiple benefits to be gained by using our managed cloud services to supplement the workload of your internal IT staff.  In fact, in our experience, this has been the most successful utilization of our managed services model.

Do you offer project & consulting services?2019-07-13T00:44:55+00:00

In addition to our fully managed Microsoft 365 enterprise cloud services, we offer one-off project services and consulting services.

How does your IT Support work?2019-08-04T01:15:17+00:00

Simply call or email support any time you need help!

Unlimited remote technical support is included with our managed services!

With our cloud first approach, on-site support is rarely needed.  However, on-site support is offered by our nationwide partner network of IT professional.

Is a contract required?2019-08-04T01:15:23+00:00

We offer month-to-month, and 1 year contracts for our managed services offerings. Contact us today for more information!

Are there any requirements?2019-08-04T01:15:28+00:00

We simply ask that our clients value the role technology plays in their organization, and strive to maintain a positive business relationship that benefits both party’s. Note: We can not guarantee our quality of service when supporting hardware & software that is no longer supported by the vendor. For example- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2012.

Do I need to upgrade my hardware/software?2019-08-04T01:15:34+00:00

Certain hardware & software may not be supported by our services. For example, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows Server 2012. In this case, we still do our best to assist you. However, service level guarantees will not apply in these instances.

What services do you provide?2019-08-04T01:15:41+00:00

We provide fully managed Microsoft cloud services. IT consulting, cyber security & training, Microsoft training, HIPAA compliance services, VoIP services, and virtual CIO services.  Contact us today for more information!

What businesses do you serve?2019-08-07T11:45:27+00:00

Our services are for businesses with anywhere between 5-100 employees.  Our services are applicable to any industry, even healthcare with our HIPAA compliance services!   Ditch your legacy solutions and create a cohesive technical environment that bolsters security and simplifies teamwork for the ultimate competitive advantage!

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