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Save an average of 30% on your IT expenditure – reduce downtime – upgrade your cyber security – educate your team.  Join LAN Titan & transform your IT!  Take a look at the incredible services we provide to our managed service clients!

Speedy Support

With LAN Titan, frustrating support experiences and long hold times are a thing of the past.  Your support request receives our standard 1 hour response time.

With our premium managed services plan, all of your support request receive-
1-hour response time to gather service request information.
4-hours to start work.
8-hours to priority 1 status for rapid resolution.

TitanCIO Services

We handle the technology project planning, IT budget forecasting, vendor management, technology procurement and more.  Focus on directing your business, your TitanCIO will handle the tech!

Microsoft Office & Email

Increase your business productivity & reliability.  We include licences for Microsoft Office 365!  The best business suite in the world, featuring AI enhanced functionality and security.

Cyber Security Training

Statistics show, the majority of cyber breaches are caused unwittingly by your employees.  No matter how secure your infrastructure is, a single individual can give an attacker access if they are not aware of the most common tactics.  We provide continuous education to your workforce, reducing the probability of a successful cyber attack.

Advanced Backup Solutions

Worry less about data loss.  Our advanced backup and recovery solution, utilizes state of the art technology to create a safe copy of your data on-site and in the cloud.  Step-up your business resiliency!  Get a 15 minute recovery guarantee & multi-continent backup replication with our available business continuity & disaster recovery server(BCDR).

Next Generation Firewalls

The latest in network defense technology.  Our next-generation firewall detect and blocks advanced threats before they can enter the network.  Key features include- Next business day replacements, 24/7 Firewall monitoring, a feature rich app for all platforms with custom app stores, SSL VPN, SD-WAN networking and more in a single box!

Obsessive Documentation

Knowing the details of your business is an important part of the job.  We keep detailed and organised notes to facilitate the rapid resolution of your technology problems.  Ask us how you can improve your password security & technical documentation today!

Next-Gen Antivirus

We partnered with Cylance to provide industry leading AI enhanced AV solutions.  The Cylance AI Platform prevents threats before they cause harm.  You can rest easy knowing Cylance and LAN Titan are standing guard.  Contact us today to learn how Cylance can defend you!

Network Monitoring

Find the answer to “Who is slowing down the network” or, “am I getting the speeds i’m paying for?”.  Advanced monitoring and analytics help us spot trouble & intruders in the network before it impacts your business.

Advanced Email Security

The days of overly complicated, unreliable spam filtering have ended.  Simply receive an email with all captured spam messages every hour.  Allow what belongs, ignore what doesn’t.  It’s that easy!

Simply Automated

Windows update management, Automated Virus remediation, Server status monitoring, Low disk space & imminent failure alerts, unauthorized access alerts & more!  With our advanced monitoring tools, we continuously monitor your endpoints for issues or alerts & resolve issues behind the scenes before they affect your workforce productivity!  What critical software do you need to keep running?

Sweet Perks!

Quarterly risk & vulnerability assessments, Portable AC units in case your server room AC fails, open-source inventory management system hosting, UniFi cloud controller hosting & more!  Take advantage of our unique premium service perks!

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